Our trip to Venice

April 2004

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First a delicious capucino to wake up. A bit expensive (like 10x the standard "stand-up and drink" coffee) but there's an orchestra and lots of nice waiters around...
Then we stand in line for 30 minutes to be the first to enter the basilica. This is one of the five huge domes, built centuries ago. 4000 square meters of biblical and Venetian history in mosaics for people to admire.
A closeup of one of the 'paintings' made of pieces of mosaic a few millimeters across.
And a view of the bronze horses closeup ..they are actually copies ....see originals (inside the cathedral) below
The originals brought back by Venetians from Constantinople ...maybe of Roman origin.
and St Nick....

And now we visit the giant Doge Palace....

the golden staircase entrance

and the exit... the staircase of the giants. With a view of the inside courtyard.

Many rooms are exquisite. But this should give one idea of the size and decoration of the rooms.

This is the great council chamber.

And a final view of the harbor before leaving by boat for the airport


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