Our trip to Venice

April 2004

We decided to take the trip to Venice on short notice when:

  1. The three day weather forecast indicated sunny skies for Thursday (and they were right)
  2. There were still seats availble on the low budget airline Baboo
  3. There were still some hotel rooms available even though it was during the Easter week holiday period

We gathered all the information we could on Venice: books, brochures, web sites

You may have this sort of vision of Venice: gondolas and canals but here's the story and pictures we've discovered...


First we take off on a rather nice day on "fly Baboo"
We fly over the alps...nice day
just a day ago Nick and I were skiing "down there"...(weather was not as good as this day)
we continue flying south over Genoa...what a port!

We get off the plane and hop into a boat....and about 1 hour later we are nearing the St Mark's square.

There's the Campanile tower and Doge Palace and the five domes of the basilica in the background.

We stop by the hotel...note the boat stop 'hotel entrance'.
and the nicely furnished Venetian style room
Our first glimpse of gondolas...pricy at $100 per half hour.
Then a nice dinner with a bottle of Barolo, lemon veal and squid-pasta.

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