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Annie and Marc

Skiing and snowboarding at Les Contamines

on 3 January 2007

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(pictures taken by Annie with her Exilim camera)

Driving up the valley... alps are about 30Km away.

the cloud 'hat' over Mt. Blanc

Further up the valley

Cable car and car park

we arrive near the top... nice view of Mt Blanc mountain range

Going higher on the chairlift


Annie doing powder

On the terrace for a rest in the sunshine. We're hungry and thirsty too: we have good spagetti carbonara, salad, coffee

On the way back down on the north side of the mountain: A tired snowboarder takes a rest.

Golden sunset reflections across the valley


Finally back at the car .... then a nice fondue with Nick and Carol when we get home

followed by more of Grey's Anatomy ;-)