Ski 20 avril 2019, Contamines, Marc and Carol (lunch only) (video youtube)

Last ski day of the 2019 ski season, very warm in Paris and in the Rhone valley (26C 80F) . Nice Easter Saturday lunch on the piste.

note my max recorded speed of 96kph goes back to apr 21 2017 in Flaine

followed by rhum punch in jacouz

Ski 21 mars 2019, Megeve St Gervais, Jean Jany Marc

great lunch and genepy, after good day of skiing (6km vertical)

Ski 27 fevrier 2019, Contamines, Marc video


followed by warm 100% solar powered jacouz and rhum

Ski 19 janvier 2019, Megeve St Gervais, Janine Serge Marc (video youtube)


great lunch and genepy , with view of Mt Blanc




Ski 15 janvier 2019 , Megeve St Gervais, Jani Jean Janine Serge Marc (video youtube)

Mont Joly and powder runs



Great lunch on the piste



(almost like the chaese-schnitte at a schwendi in Davos)


view of Porcheret 'restaurant' below, and the Mt Blanc 'classical route' up. along the ridge on the left