Pompei Sept 2006

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Again the GPS worked well for the drive to Pompei from Rome, except for one place in a tunnel where there was a fork in the road. We probably lost some 20 minutes because of this (when will GPSs consider 'in the tunnel forks' with estimated speed and direction and hence some useful advise before exiting the tunnel and missing the right turn?). Anyway we made it to Pompei and the Hotel DeiMisteri which is right next to the Pompei ruins.

A nice warm pool awaited us, as well as refreshing drinks, before heading out the coast to have dinner above the impressive cliffs above the med.

A view of the coastline near Sorrento above.

Below is a view of the sunset from the restaurant.... oh yes the food and wine were delicious!


Next day we head up the Vesuvio with our car. Beautiful view from 1200m above sea level. A natural 'explosion' 100'000 times more powerful than the A-Bomb basically wiped out Pompei and tens of thousands of Romans in August of AD79. 'Fortunately' for us we are now able to view how these people lived until that fatal last moment, when several meters of ash, lava and 'heat avalanches' covered the entire area.


We visited the ruins in the afternoon. We saw several square kilometers of a city buried for almost 2000 years (excavation started only in the 1700s).

The city was well built and had existed for several hundred years. Here you see how cart wheel tracks had carved the stone in the streets. On the left a typicl kitchen stove. They also had running water, even public swimming pools (or baths) with cold, warm and hot water sections, that everyone could use.


The houses of the wealthy were grandiose as shown here:

Gardens, paintings, pools, mosaic floors and murals were extremely sophisticated.

A 'natural' casting of a young man caught up in the awful event so long long ago...

The teatro or theatre that could hold over 5000 people:


A painting of Priapus, the god of fertility, at the entrance of the house of Vetti. You know anybody who looks like this?

and now on to Amalfi


quick links >: Rome Pompei Amalfi Ostuni Carol's pix