Ostuni September 2006

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From Amalfi , southward bound to the Ionic sea (the foot of Italy) at MetaPunto and then on to Ostuni.

The beach on the Adriatic near Ostuni. Lots of wind and great surf.


Serge and Janine's place:


Our guest quarters: the trulo (houses with a domed roof made of rocks)

A guest gecko in our bathroom:

And another Trulo (and there are four others yet to be rebuilt) among the hundreds of olive, almond and fig trees!

The hospitality, the food and the wine was great!

On Monday we returned to Rome and our flight was cancelled due to mechanical problems, so we drove on to Florence, then to Milan the following morning and finally by train to Geneva. A great trip despite the extra day of travel!


A final note : a book worth reading before visiting the Pompei ruins: Pompeii by Robert Harris

quick links >: Rome Pompei Amalfi Ostuni Carol's pix