Our trip to Rome, Pompei, Amalfi and Ostuni

September 2006

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The long week-end during the second week of September provided the right time to fly south. We flew into Ciampino-Rome airport early Thursday morning, rented a car and drove directly to St. Peter's square. Nice drive with the GPS providing error-free directions. We even find a large underground parking within five minutes walk of St. Peter's square. Since we were unable to see the Sistine chapel last time we were here, this was our number one priority. The morning was balmy and the line not too long (last time we were here it was 3 hour wait) to enter the Vatican museum. All very well organized.


It's quite a walk past all the paintings , murals and statues, before arriving at the Sistine chapel. The paitings on the ceiling are astounding. Done some 500 years ago by MichelAngelo. We had field glasses to get a closer look. No picture taking allowed. We got out of the museum after lunchtime and had a delicious pizza near there, then went back to parking garage. We decided not to visit other places in Rome as we were already tired and had visited most of the places that were of interest to us. Instead we decided to drive to Pompei (about 2 1/2 hours).

on to Pompei

quick links >: Rome Pompei Amalfi Ostuni Carol's pix