A Long Week-End trip to

Prague, Wroclaw and Chocen


Wedding of Christopher and Karina


30 Sept 2007


We arrive in beautiful Prague on a rainy September day .... we stay at the Monastary Gardens hotel

Check out the spelling for ice cream!

We have a very nice duck dinner (just google 'duck dinner Prague')

In the morning we visit the monastary library which dates back to the 13th

A bible from the year 860 is among the many very old books.

Next day we drive 280Km to Wroclaw Poland and we get a guided tour of this beautiful city

On the following day we drive to Jelenia Gora (ex Hirschberg) in the mountains... here is our hotel

Then the wedding ceremony in town (it's also the flea market day , hence the moose head!)


The happy groom, bride and his parents


The following day is sunny before we drive back to the Czech Republic (CR)... we see some beautiful old mansions not yet restored


And a new chalet in the Polish mountains, near the Czech border

Then we find my cousin Franto in Chocen CR

Another picture of just 41 years ago....when we switched 'uniforms'

Have we changed? Naaaaah!

Then back to Prague to see the beautiful castle and Charles Bridge


Then a nice dinner just beside the 13th century bridge

Followed by a concert here....

Next day we visit the castle...

and the cathedral (and we even walk up the 280 steps)


A great wedding celebration and a very memorable four day holiday.