New Orleans 12 apr and 16-22 april 2007

arriving in Laplace for shrimp sauté... nice! Mom needs to wear sunglasses after the eye operation

stop at cafe du monde for coffee and beignets


then we buy some flowers

dinner at mexican restaurant ... nice chimichanga

then we stop in Mandeville to see Sheik (after 35 years you still look the same Sheik!) see oldies

Skeik created the Arabi Wrecking Krewe ( to help musicians after Katrina... that's the reason for the tools in the picture.

He is coming to the Swiss Ascona Jazz Festival ( in June - July 2007 and to Geneva!!!!


and have a great lunch at Camilia Café with Sheik's Jazz friends Klaus and Hans Peter (HP) from Eschweiler Germany

then on to see Connie and David in Carriere on their ranch

then to see Mom's old house in New Orleans East and Molly's sad

see Katrina and Molly story here

see Katrina pix 9 months after

Molly's house: no change after almost 2 years

and lunch with Mary at Crab Shack on Apr 20th... great sunny day!