My trip to Mom and Dad's 50th in New Orleans

9 March 2004

To attend my Mom's and Dad's 50th anniversary in mid March I wanted to avoid the possible snow storms in the north and since Swiss airlines no longer fly through Washington the only "southerly" route was Miami. I found that Southwest Air had good onward connections but they fly out of Fort Lauderdale (FLL)....that is only a 30 minute or so drive. The flight to Miami went well. Unfortunately the immigration computers went down just as I was 3rd in the line. There seemed to be no manual backup procedures so we all waited...the lines ended up about 50 deep after 45 minutes. Luckily I managed to catch the shuttle to FLL and landed in New Orleans in the evening. My Dad picked me up as Mom was not feeling well. The weather was absolutely great.The next day I bought flower plants for the front and back yards and installed an automatic watering system.


On Saturday we went to Connie and David in Mississippi. Mom was happy to see her cat friends too...

As well as the beautiful horses...


Then we went on to see our friends Walter and Margie who also have a ranch nearby. What a nice house and man-made lake! Lots of fish in there!



Here's a picture of Margie, Dad, Walter, Mom and me in 2003...and a picture in 1970 (at our wedding)!

On Sunday we celebrated the 50th with a brunch at the Royal Sonesta in the French Quarter.


On Monday I bought and installed a water fountain for Mom in the backyard....


Also used the PDA-GPS-Ostia I installed for my Mom and Dad. Pretty neat: the system gives you audio alerts when to turn, does autorouting and re-routing.

On Tuesday another "50th" lunch with Mary at a local chinese restaurant:


Then, sadly, on Wednesday I had to leave again.

Nice flight to FLL.

I rented a car to drive to Miami and took a small detour to visit the beach. A small piece of paradise!

and I took a quick dip...I set the camera on a log and looked back to see if the 10 second timer was working and my camera was not dunked. Air temperature in the 80s and water temp was great too. There's even fresh water showers all along the beach.



On the way to Miami airport I took another quick side trip to Miami Beach where I had stayed with Mom and Dad many many years ago. Very nice and clean.


Finally a nice flight to Zurich and Geneva.

Then after a day's rest in (cold and wet) Geneva, Carol and I flew on to Brussels for a "tango wedding".