An indian summer trip across the alps

October 15 and 16, 2005

The forecast is for a typical 'indian summer' weekend, so my Mom calls her brother Hans and cousin Yvonne and suggests a quick car trip with me to the Emmental valley in the alps, home of the true 'swiss cheese', and home of the 'Leuenbergers'.

We drive up the Emmental, valley of the Emme river, which brings us into the alps not far from Bern, and we find Sorenberg and stop at Rossweid for lunch. It is a nice ski and 'summer' resort.

It is 'summer warm'!

We go over the first pass ..see the Sarner Lake from above..nice view.

It's still early so we decide to go over the Susten pass...

A quick drink at 2200m altitude... still 'warm' and nice sight.


and since we are a stone's throw away from Ticino, on the south side of the Swiss alps, we decide to take the St Gothard tunnel .... On to Locarno (via expressway) to see the sunset (sorry, no pix) and then Lugano...I see a sign to Gandria and since it is only 4 km decide to go there for the night. Gandria is sort of 'glued' on the mountain-side, overlooking lake Lugano. There are many old stone steps going down from the car park... we find the last vacant rooms and have a nice Italian style dinner. That Tiramisu was DELICIOUS!

Next morning sunrise over Lake Lugano...

This is the 'top of the stairs' of the hotel (for people)...and the 'cable car' for baggage only!

A view of Gandria and the church.

Then a late morning stroll (and rest!) on the quai in Lugano

Mom feeds the gulls...



and then we head north-west over the Nufenen pass ...what a sight and this is just the start.

This gives an idea of the expected snow fall... the poles (7m high?) are markers for the snow plows in spring.

At the top of the pass 2500m altitude.


On the way down we get into 'le haut Valais' where we have lunch at the beautiful hotel and restaurant de la Poste in Munster. The building dates back to 1620.

Then down to Brig and back up the Lotchberg and 10 minute train shuttle 'thru the alps' to the 'Berner oberland', where we started out a day ago. Well organized service, the train 'ticket' costs only SFR20 per car and saves at least one hour's additional drive across other mountain passes.

And on to Bern via the expressway to drop off Hans and Yvonne, and lastly we drive on to Geneva.