post-Katrina : November 2005

Three months after Katrina my Mom and I visit New Orleans East. What a sight.

It's like a ghost town or a hollywood set for the 'day after'.

No traffic lights, no colors, wrecked cars everywhere, trees uprooted, utility poles snapped off.


Despite all the pictures we've seen, it's still a shock.

The city says only 3% of the 50 million cubic yards of trash has been collected so far.


So we start cleaning the house and recover what we can.

This is the view of the kitchen after the 'gutting' of the old house:

And we rebuild the cat kennel at the new house:


We have a thanskgiving dinner and pumkin pie dessert with our friends.


The new house is decorated with Christmas lights



And on the way back to Geneva I say hi to Annie and Krenar in Boston: nicely lit up square at Quincy market and Faneuil Hall near Durgin Park restaurant.


where we have a great lobster dinner: