Post Katrina 2: 9 months after

Arrival in Laplace


Finally getting things out of the safe; but some bills have disintegated !

Only gold is OK and my birth certificate looks pretty bad.


Thanks to Amanda some baby plants come back home.

All the ones in New Orleans east died.


A visit to east New Orleans:


Branch closed; will it open again?


Park closed. For how long?

Ghost cars in school parking lot. School registration sign, but no students.

Pickup window




Molly's house

This is Molly's story as my Mom told me: Molly decided to ride out the storm because she wanted to stay with her pets and her aging Mom who is over 85 years old. That infamous day after the storm the water level rose in the street and in no time came into the house. She struggled to get her Mom and pets into the attic of her house. After three days a boat came by. They were swimming and wading to the rescuers with pets in their arms and were told to leave the pets behind. One died in their arms. They were taken to high ground about 2 miles away. And they waited there for two more days, without food or water. Molly's Mom died shortly thereafter. Molly has been told her house will be razed. Molly has no home, no cash. My Mom and others come by to feed her pets which are still near the house.


Some survivors:

A great dinner and GREAT bottle of wine at Walter's and Margie's

A great seafood dinner New Orleans style (shrimp season just started) at Mom's!


Flowers and trees in the yard of the new house:

Orange, lemon and fig trees in the back yard


and tomatoes, cucumber, water melon, canteloupe and lemon trees...

and even a pineapple plant:


Another very memorable visit!!!