Hurricane Katrina

This is our story of what happened before, during and after Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans and the nearby gulf coast on the 29th of August 2005.

This 'report' consists of several pages...

see Katrina 9 months after pix here

p1 : to read about the beginnings of the storm and its initial impact, including the flooding of my Mom's house on Pressburg Street
p2 : destruction in Carriere MS the day after
p3 : Mom arrives in Atlanta, I drive to Carriere with supplies and back
p4 : back in Atlanta
p5 : the trip to Geneva and Bern

After the flood Sept 17th pix of houses on Warren drive and Pressburg: click here (thanks to Steve and Chris)

October 5th pictures here (thanks to Sue)

October 16th pix click here (thanks to Viktor)

Incredible video as Katrina makes landfall on Mississippi coast (needs windows media player) click here

To see my Mom's missing cats click here

(they are also listed on

To read a story of looters click here (a must read)



see Katrina 9 months after pix here

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