Pictures from Barcelona 9 to 12 September 2004


Budget airline EasyJet flew us from Geneva to Barcelona in just over one hour. Barcelona is a very big city (1.5 million or 4 million including suburbs). Very nice airport and great road system. We rented a car and drove about 10 minutes south to our hotel on a hill overlooking the med. This is the hotel pool and medieval tower.





Our first day we 'lost' our car in a huge underground parking lot. But we had fun strolling the streets of Barcelona …so many people.


Lots of people all day, all night.


Here is the 'spagetti' we got lost on several times, going from A to B, before finally figuring out the right road path!

In the end it only took 15 minutes from the harbor to our hotel (about a 20 km ride).




This is the beach just a two minute drive from our hotel.


We stopped at the Caracoles for dinner where we had two glasses of Malaga as aperitif, delicious smoked ham and other good things..




Here's a view of the market …I ate the best tasting tree ripened nectarine ever!


This is the church under construction since 1882 and designed by Gaudi. We walked up the 330 steps …inside one of these towers.



Note the pillars from inside the church…


In 20 years the church should be finished, with the main tower 170 meters high (550 ft)!


One of the great things in Spain is the food and wine: Paela and tapas (see below)


Here's a 'stiched' picture of the harbor…huge! From the beautiful olympic harbor & passenger ship terminal on the left to the container vessel unloading docks on the far right. We are on top of the "hill" overlooking the med.


And finally waiting at the airport for our flight back... a very nice, clean, efficient airport....



A very enjoyable trip to a remarkable city.