Ascona , July 3 to 5 , 2008

It is a pleasant 280Km drive from Geneva over the Simplon pass to Ascona

Simplon ... a bit rainy and a cold 11 degrees C

click here to see video of centovali drive

Finally , a sunny Ascona

But a storm is on the horizon

But the Jazz fest and Father LeDoux's Gospel Mass must go on...

Max and Sheik at work

Brass Band the next day

click here for short video of brass band

and a video of the great Eddie Bo, Charlie Miller (trumpet) and Louis Morgan (sax)


Next day is good-by to sunny Ascona and Sheik....

then back across the alps via the St Gothard and Susten passes... and some snow see Nick and the Seahawks win the Swissbowl in Bern