Meeting Sheik at Ascona Jazz Festival 29-30 June 2007

(and a bit of Geneva & France & Gruyere 5-6 July 2007 at the bottom of this page)

View when crossing the Susten pass over the Alps... ever impressive.

An hour later Marc meets Sheik in chique Ascona, no tongue in cheek, :o) , for the Jazz Festival

Sheik (aka Armand Richardson) is the photographer along with Max

and trumpet player in the Hurricane Jazz Band!


see multiple videos here from Ticino TV

and video of Marching band here from Ticino TV

Tamaro Hotel and pool...


and nice terrace overlooking lake and festival...


We see Klaus and Hanspeter whom I met in New Orleans at Sheik's back in April.


Cool videos of Lionel leading the Hurricanes band

for a touch of Noo'Awlens in Ascona!

NOTE: If you see a trumpet player with a camera it's Sheik!

click here for video 1(2MB)

and video 2(4MB)

Sheik trumpet player in Hurricane Brass Band (7MB)


The lake Magiore and the Italian and Swiss mountains

Breakfast at the Tamaro Terrace

Sheik and Klaus


Great place, Great time, Great music!!!


Some pix from Geneva, France (REAL frites) and Gruyere 6&7.7.07


and the COW that gave us that good cheese and cream in Gruyeres (see :