2017 Oct 18-21 Ostuni visit

While Carol is in the USA with her Mom, I am invited by Serge and Janine to visit them in southern Italy.

day 1 Quick 1.5 hour flight from Geneva to Brindisi on Easyjet, arriving for a great lunch by the Brindisi harbor, followed by deelish coffee with daughter Elodie

Visiting Elodie's recently remodeled trullo (old house made of stone in an igloo-like shape) which they started renting to tourists this last summer.


On a clear day one can see the adriatic, the ionian and the mediterranean sea...



Followed by a night out in the old town of Ostuni ... roads, houses and retaurants made of real stone :-)

day 2 (oct 19) We go for a pleasant swim in the Adriatic.

Janine makes a great dinner at home, and next to the fireplace, we eat and drink and have fun

we break some almonds

and with those almonds we make a 'die for' chocolate almond fondant cake...(dark chocolate, egg, butter, ground almonds and a touch of flour)


day 3 (oct 20) Next day we visit neighboring towns Ceglie, Martina Franca , Alberobelllo and Torre Canne. Wow, great architecture.

Romans came 2000 years ago, then crusaders left from here 1000 years ago, and now tourists come from all over the world !



day 3 (oct 20) pleasant day breakfast in the sun, and modifying Sergio's new drone to hold a gopro, checking out the gear repairs of his sports racer and then chilling

followed by great sunset

sadly next day is departure day for me, after visting the almond and olive gardens one more time with my new friend Fifi

and my friend Fifi!

WOW, what a fabulous four days!


pictures showing trullo before and after construction