El Gouna, Egypt, November 4 to 25, 2015

4+ hour flight to the Red Sea where the sun shines 364 days per year :-)

quick dip in the pool followed by sundowner and BBQ dinner at the Steigenberger

next day snorkel day


some of the nicest clear water reefs anywhere snorkel video here

morning aquagym by the sea-side pool

followed by lunch at another pool side ...maybe just a tad hedonistic

hey kiters... I can't wait!


more aquagym'ing

and more good lunches

and cool kiters

big kite day with 21kts wind , a bit too much for me. Look at this guy's jump !

video of pro kiters at mangroovy beach with 21kts wind nov 2015

Below is the sat-view of the best kite board area I have ever been to:

horse shoe shaped, sand filled, knee deep, coral reef about 2kmx2km just offshore ElGouna. Sunny every day. Good wind 66% of the time.

The kite-board school, Osmosis, is operated by Sylvain who is from Corsier originally.

Sylvain's new thing is foil kiting... watch this vimeo-video


getting ready for kiteboarding lessons

and afterwards a good GandT

great food at the hotel tonight

and incredibly efficient service for the 1000 or so guests

one day no wind (2nd day) so we go snorkel again !

wonderful dive day .. so clear !!!

day 3 of no wind (out of 12).. what to do? answer: buy new ride'm pants and RIDE!!!

even the babes applauded the old geezer :-) video here

my doctor said NO JUMPS... ok, so I let this young bloke show me for now



oh yes... just found the warmest pool in town: 32C at the Arena Inn .. sundowner with a view :-)


ahhhh, one the coolest places on earth !!!!

day 12 : wind is back at 14 to 18kts , water and air 27C !!!!

kite school Osmosis ... see youtube video here


contrast in weather: snow and cold in Geneva

versus sunshine and warm here in El Gouna

Little wind on nov 21 so I go out on Zaytuna pier and see this fish

and these other critters below... there are also nice kitties here.

They have a catch, spey and release program. How civilized!

perfect kite day lesson number 8 on Nov 22... youtube video here

last day with good wind on 23 nov 2015 ... lezav kites from the reef to shore with Basti from Osmosis :-))))))

short HD video here

and a longer video lezav kiting to shore from the reef (a 6 minute ride)....

Made it after 9 lessons :-)))))))))

Moral of the story ? You CAN teach an old dog new tricks!


PS check out this other cool foil-riding video here