EL GOUNA EGYPT Nov 1 to 15, 2014

November is that time of year when days get shorter for us, where it gets colder every day....

so to fight off the winter blues, off I go to El Gouna on the red sea, a 4 hour non stop flight south from Geneva.

It is a short taxi ride from Hurghada airport to El Gouna.

Tick one more item off my bucket list : learn how to kite-surf

click here for hires photos or dive video or fun-video

PS Carol and Annie are off on a trip to Burma click here to see their blog and pix

This is the Paradisio Hotel (ex club med), where I'll be staying for 1 week Very nice. Sunny and 27 degrees C

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No wind the first day so I decide to join a small group for some snorkeling off the reefs.

We take a good powered Zodiac for the 20 minute ride.

Captain of the boat is Nubian... maybe a descendant of the the nubian king of the northern kingdom some 4000 years ago?

Water is amazingly clear, colorful coral and many fish. Best I've ever seen.



Next day wind picks up and this is the reason why I am here: to see if it is possible to teach an old dog a new trick

We will be heading out to a horseshoe shaped reef 5km sq in area, w less than 1m of water above the white sand....perfect to learn kite surfing

the kite surf school owner and instructior is Sylvain who hails from Corsier Geneva... small world !

first go is a bit tough..... I swallow lots of sea water (forgot to close my mouth as I lunge forward headfirst at great speed)

2nd day I manage to do about 150meters in less than 12 seconds... what a great feeling

with newly made friends Andy and Niklaus

3rd day : my body needs a rest so I visit the north side of town, 'downtown' and the 'marina'

...and my favorite sundowner

Visiting Mangroovy beach on foot, just 2km north of the marina, with its 3 kite surf schools

4th day , I help out Andy and Niklaus in front of the hotel... but there is not enough wind

Sylvain tries out a foil kite-board which works ok in light winds

and I go back to the Marina to have a pizza (deelish)

Kiting until sunset

5th day... not enough wind , so I take a tuktuk and visit SLIDERS and water-board park with a circular 'ski-lift'... how cool is that?

first and second attempt

cafe latte at Vienna Cafe downtown


my favorite tuktuk driver


Next day, I try it. Nice. But a bit rough on the arms and shoulders.


Snif, after one week time to say goodbye to my kite and snorkeling friends

Andy and Berbel, kids Niklaus and Anna, Florian and Arne.

second week

having breakfast under bougainvilleas in the marina area!!!!

after hiking over to Mangroovy beach where most of the kite-surf schools are located, I trek back across desert sands, thirsty,

and I discover this ultimate hedonistic pool with no rinky dink lounge chairs... must have been inspired by the ancient greeks or romans,

or perhaps from the 101 arabian ???? And you get a 1.5 liter bottle of cold water to boot. In Geneva, for the same price, you get just the bottle of water.

A Sharm Air ride for a view from above

Three womderful windy days at Mangroovy beach ...more kite surf paradise

my new mentor and teacher

camel break at the beach


and another great sunset 12 nov 2014


last good day of wind and celebrating my kite-surf 'graduation' with buddies, mentors and trainers


so from now on, two days of rest , at the beach or pool, to soak up all the sunshine possible !!!!!

second to last day... 3 hour walk on the beach followed by bedouin coffee

kite buddy Jochim, Claudia and daughter Anne

my buddy kite rescue dog

bedouin coffee ... wow this packs a punch with spices !


two weeks of shorts, T-shirt and flops , how NICE !

nice drinks at the store... my favorite : GUAVA !

new hotel and (solar heated ) pool and my last sundowner at Arena Inn

a new pool side friend

last GREAT Egyptian supper : shawerma and baba ghanoush at Zomba's

selfie of my new T shirt


bye bye El Gouna