Travelog Geneva-Marseilles-Barcelona-Geneva

24-27 sept 2013


I start the trip early Tuesday morning on the TVG. We do a maximum of 160knots (184mph or 296 kmh) zooming down the Rhone Valley to Marseilles, arriving at 1015 AM.

The 20 minute walk from the train station to the old harbor (old, because greeks first came to this harbor over 2000 years ago) takes me through a market where I buy some good things for the sailing trip.

The old harbor of Marseilles.

Paul checks the latest wind and weather reports before we leave. Notice how nice the interior of the Pogo40 now looks!!!!!

Leaving Marseilles harbor with almost no wind around noon on Tuesday.

Paul checks the sails as the wind starts to pick up. Winds will gradually reach 18 knots and we do about half the wind speed, or 9 knots, going upwind.

The sea temperature goes from 18C to 14C as we head out to the middle of the gulf de Lyon. It is chilly, so we put on weather gear. We average over 6 knots and arrive near the Spanish coast the next morning. Winds are in an unfavorable direction so we'll have to tack upwind, which will lengthen the trip a few more hours.

Temperatures are much warmer as we witness our second sunset. Sea temperature is back up to 19C. Air temperature 25C. Winds out of southwest at 5 to 17 knots.

So we will not arrive at 11PM as we had hoped. But rather at 5AM on Thursday, while motoring the last 5 miles , as the wind has died almost to nil.

But it was a nice and warm 25C even that early!

This is Barcelona harbor early Thursday morning...

And an inviting pool at the Reial yacht club.


I trek up the Ramblas, probably one of the worlds greatest pedestrian avenues... to the market. Wow, what a choice, at one of hundreds of stands.

and we will do our own DIY tapas for lunch. Life is tough.

We even get a little water show.. with Christopher Columbus, high on his pedestal, pointing southwest to the americas.

After which we have a swim competition in the pool . Guess who won! Paul of course.

Sundowners on the terrace .... two gin tonics and one campari orange (yay)

And on the last night, Philippe takes me to this fabulous tapas/dinner place in Barcelonetta , 15 minutes from the yacht club.

And the last pix before leaving this great place on Friday morning.

Above: A view of the Pogo40 SUR at sunrise.


Below, the image thats sums it all up:


Ah yes, here is our GPS track, in white. The red line is what we had hoped. The wind forecast was not all that accurate as we neared Barcelona.

BTW Philippe's Pogo40 was at a regatta in Marseilles see pix here last week.

And he asked if I wanted to sail back with him and his son Paul. I said YES!