The work done on Pogo40 SUR June to August 2012

Objective : make a crusing sailboat out of the Pogo40 racing sailboat

NB I originally was going to sail on this boat to Barcelona, but due to delays and need to be in Geneva before end August, I accepted the offer to sail with Nick and Alex on a brand new Pogo12.5 (the cruising version of the Pogo40), who happened to go to Barcelona on the 11th of August. SUR arrived on the 2nd of September after two weeks' sailing and facing a rough storm in the med.

Design (by Michel), Build and Install (mostly by Michel and Philippe and Paul)

-two additional partitions

-two heads-showers

-kitchen with stove, fridge, sink


-fresh water tank

-cubbards and drawers

-dyneema headstay

-windlass 800W

-modify fore cabin (insulation, cubbards)

-modify aft hold (insulation)

-black boom and stanchions

-new aft console

-new electrical panel

-Watt and Sea power 500W

-hot and cold fresh water system



No modifications to:

-19m carbon mast

-3/4 ton sea water ballast system


Michel and Paul on deck


The autopilot steering mechanism

Prototype layout of new instrument panel: Radar, GPS, AIS, VHF, NKE and 12V switches




Sanding the fore cabin

Gael and his son Tituan and Paul on August 11


The electric panels are almost complete

and thanks to Paul it all works prior to the final departure date of August 19 2012.