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Sail from Bretagne France to Lisbon Portugal

Everyone asks me WHY DID YOU DO THIS? The answer is, well, it just happened like this:

A few months ago my friend Philippe calls me to say he just bought a nice Pogo40 racing sailboat which he plans to make into a cruising sailboat and could I help install the electronics while it was there in Bretagne (north of France). The original name of the boat is Tchuda Popka, which in Russian means 'nice behind' or something like that. I asked if I could sail with him to Barcelona when the work was completed. And he said yes.After flying to Bretagne three times, and after numerous delays to get the eletrical stuff done, I meet two Russians , Nicolai and Alex (actually Nick the skipper is Canadian-Russian), who had just bought the same kind of boat but new (named EASY) and were sailing to the exact same destination at about the same time. When time ran out for me, and the departure of the Pogo40 was delayed another week, I asked them if I could sail with them. They said yes. Soooo... here's the story of what happened after that. Everyone told us we could sail to Barcelona in ten days. LOL. Finally we called it quits after 10 days and 850 miles and left the boat in Lisbon. The Pogo40 SUR which left one week after EASY, arrived in Barcelona on September 2 after 15 days of sailing and 1500 miles. Click on The Voyage above to see all the details of the trip on EASY.


departure 11 August 2012 from Sainte Marine Bretagne France

arrival 21 August 2012 Lisbon Portugal

distance sailed: 850 nautical miles or 1574 Km


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