Egypt 2-9 Nov 2011

4 hour flight from GVA to Hurghada on the red sea where the average rain fall is 2mm per year!

10 minutes to the hotel and the pool and beach and windsurfing on the red (sea)

What weather change compared to Geneva!

even a nice bottle of egyptian red for dinner on the terrace


Next day we take a five minute boat ride to a nice snorkeling spot

and then we move to the Mercure hotel 20 miles down the road. This is an ex Sofitel five star.

Nice architecture, nice beach and pool .... with a few FRTs (fat russian tourists)

next day we watch the sunrise before being driven by Hassan across the desert and mountains to Luxor



we stop here for a drink at an oasis somewhere in the mountains... two more hours to go


amazing change of scenery as we reach the green Nile valley... the road side is full of bougainvilleas from Qena to Luxor

and donkey carts on the road too





then we reach our hotel room with a great view of the Nile and the valley of the Kings in the mountains on the right

Next day day we watch the rising sun and the parade of hot air balloons before heading out to the valley of the Kings



The traditional Felucca sailboats at sunset (I even get to sail one !)

Some typical scenes of animals on the shores of the Nile

and another nice sun-downer


The temple of the queen Hatshepsut (built 3400 years ago) lying at the base of the mounatins


At the valley of the Kings we visit three tombs, including those of Ramses III and Ramses IX (very interesting but taking pictures is fobidden... check wiki for pix) here's a picture of just me with my new buddies who were hanging along the trail of all these tombs and selling me stuff... and a Japanese lady who decided to join the fun!

Next day we visit the amazing temples of Luxor, built just after the great pyramids (near Cairo or 500 miles north) around 3400 years ago...

Did you know you can learn to read all these hieroglyphs and there's even a standard computer 'character set' for them?


This is the 1.5 mile long avenue (built 3400 years ago) linking Luxor to Karnak, lined with thousands of sphinxs along the way (only partially excavated so far)


The incredible ruins of Karnak... the largest temple site in the world.... 200acres or 1500m x 800m

This is the amazing Hypostyle Hall built with 134 massice columns covering 5000 sq meters (50000 sq ft)


After visiting these amazing sites we drive back to the red sea coast and Soma Bay

...same kinds of columns, another age, new pools .... but will they still be here in the year 5400AD?

Lots of sports activities... swimming, snorkeling, sailing

and another neat sunrise before heading back home across the alps

click here for snorkeling videos done with the GoProHD (100MB)

click here for sailing videos done with the GoProHD (50MB)


bye bye red sea

hello snow :-) and fog :-(