Visiting Ray in Palma 27-30 May 2009 part2

we start the new day in Ray's F107 (sorry, peejoe106)

notice all the bougainvillias too (and Cayennes)

seeing the neat boats (and babes) near by



we almost got to the gate before this 512....

Then we head for the port of Palma...

neat boats here too

ever seen bougainvillia this big?

Impressive cathedral built in 1230


the old and the new...

an 800 year old olive tree at the main square...

Lunch at a great tapas place


then on to Soller for a coffee while watching the old tram go by.




the church, the port, the shops and we buy some deeelish oranges



then down the coast to Deia and Valldemossa

we stop at the Residencia hotel... prices are a bit steep at 800 euros a night

picturesque Valldemossa

Mike Douglas has a house somewhere on this coast

Finally a dip in the med in Andradx before heading back to Ponca for some delicious BBQd steaks.


Here is a map of our day 1 (in red) and 2 (in blue) trips...

Thanks Ray for one GREAT prolonged weekend.


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