Boston LaPlace LaJolla visit April May 2009

click here for pix of LaJolla

New Orleans LaPlace 25 to 30 April 2009

Visiting Molly in New Orleans East

click here to see Molly's old house and her story here(about half way down the web page)

Visiting Connie and kitties in Mississippi

and glad to see Tony again (also saved from Katrina)


Great dinner at Walter and Margie's ...observe the nice Japanese basket

Mom even does the Noo-awlins marching band dance



Going crabbing with Rick Yvette Amanda and George

Then we have a great seafood dinner ...25 pounds of shrimp and crawfish in addition to the dozen crabs we caught... and I learn from Jeremy how to eat crawfish

Feeding the ducks ... by the pond near my Mom's place

notice the cute ducklings and Momma duck and strange looking Poppa duck

Mom's new fig and satsuma trees and flowers