July 3,4,5

over the Simplon pass 2000m (6000ft) towards Ascona

with friends Claude and Lars

and through Centovalli

In Ascona at last for food, wine, pool, lake and Jazz Jazz Jazz (til 4AM every night)


With Lionel... still leading the Hurricane Brass Band band at 88

Banana split for Lars

Before hearing other Noo-awlins greats like Don Vappie and Lillian Boutté....

click here for a sample video/audio

great live Rock n Roll dance 'show' by this young gal and guy from Bernex during the concert...


On the Tamaro terrace next day

Some fun on the lake

View from Sheik's room

then a mountain swim on the way back home to cool off

good lunch and bubbly rosé at Santa Maria mumble... ooh

Home just in time to see Roger win 16-14 in the tie break at Wimbledon