Our trip to Paros Greece from 11 to 18 September 2009

We are invited by Lars and Claude to their rented house on Paros

First a two and one half hour flight to Athens, then a 1 1/2 hour taxi drive to the Pireus port,

then a 4 hour ferry ride to Paros under cloudy and rainy skies

...this is looking back to Athens from the Blue Star Ferry carrying over 1000 passengers...

My GPS indicates our position and speed of 20 knots

Next day at our favorite cafe in Parikia

and enjoying a gin tonic in the evening on our terrace


this is THE kite board and wind-surf place on the island with a nice 25 knot breeze today

Nope , that is not Lars nor me jumping...

in the morning we start the day with a swim in front of the house

we visit Lefkes in the mountains ...beautiful bougainvilleas and kitties everywhere

sumptious lunch too

Zav tries some windsurfing at Golden Beach

and buys a watermelon from a sweet lady...


That evening Lars sets up his BabyQ telescope and we see some neat sunsets


Chasing bugs in the house...

More great beaches and a new T shirt for Lars


Babe watch...

Beautiful colors and architecture

and our favorite desert

Flowers and bunnies near the house

Then the ferry ride back to Pireus after one fabulous week with our friends.

Note the Carinthia VII 321ft yacht that just arrived (more info here on that maxi-yacht... )

and Lars and Claude on the right side of the dock (snif)

Then the last day in Athens on top of the Acropolis and visiting

the Parthenon (built in the 5th century BC) and the new Acropolis Museum

Wow , what an awesome week.